Mryglot Census Information


  Presented here is census data from the 1920 and 1930 census.   It is mostly from the Auburn, NY , but does cover Chicago and Ithaca since parts of the extended Mryglot family touched there.


There are links to the actual Census pages below.  There is a summary of all of this presented at the next link. The summary provides all the pertinant data from each census and also has a chart showing the growing family at each census year.



Census Summary: (This is an Excel file) HERE    (Look for the Mryglot tab at the bottom)


Census Pages


   Leon Domanski Sr.  (Ithaca)



   Samuel Mryglot (Auburn)

   Pieter Gierlowski (Auburn)

   Leon Domanski (Ithaca)



   Samuel Mryglot (Auburn)

   Leon Domanski (Ithaca)

   Pawlo Mryglod (Chicago)



There are also other files that can be browsed (like blank census forms, stc…)….the above links just highlight the most significant.