Pieter and Mary Skraba Gierlowski

Mary Skraba was the younger sister of Katerina Skraba (who married Samuel Mryglot).  Mary was already married to Pieter Gierlowski when they came to the US in 1913.  They had one child; Caroline.    Pieter had the accident described in these newspaper articles and ultimately died of these injuries.    Mary later married Leon Domanski and moved to Ithaca...and later to New Jersey.


Pieter 7/2/1923   falls from tree 
Pieter 9/14/1923   Gierlowski dies following fall 
Pieter 9/14/1923   coroners inquest postponed 
Pieter 9/15/1923   bone doctor arrested 
Pieter 9/17/1923   Gierlowski funeral 
Mary 9/22/1923   Gierlowski testifies 
Pieter 9/24/1923   coroner pending 
Mary 10/2/1923   Gierlowski testify 
Pieter 10/16/1923   manslaughter 
quack_doctor 11/16/1923   bone doctor pleads not guilty 
quack_doctor 11/21/1923   Trial of bone doctor opened 
Mary 11/22/1923   testifies at trial 
quack_doctor 11/23/1923   Sum up of trial 
quack_doctor 11/24/1923   bone doctor found not guilty