Bridgett  McCarthy Sullivan 

(1820 - ~ 1866 to 1869)


Bridgit and Dennis settled in Rochester when they first immigrated in 1839/1840 with their infant child Maria. Dennis was born shortly thereafter in 1840.


They moved to Auburn after Ellen was born in 1845.


Bridget’s brother Dennis McCarthy and his wife Margaret were living in Auburn.  Dennis and Margaret are buried in the Sullivan/McCarthy family plot in St Joseph’s Cemetery.


Dennis died somewhere between 1853 (after Michael was born) and 1855 (before the 1855 census was taken)


Bridget must have died between 1866 and 1869….after the 1865 census and before the 1870 census.   The remaining children in her family ranged in age from 12 to 21.


Burial place unknown.  Probably the State Street / Cold Springs cemetery. State Street was the Catholic cemetery and opened in 1854…closed around 1880 when St. Josephs cemetery was opened.    There are no records for either cemetery…lost in fires.  There are inventory lists created for both cemeteries but these are based on headstones….and State Street was is such disarray…having been unmaintained and overgrown for a hundred years.

Four Sullivans died before the opening of St Joseph’s Cemetery in 1886 (Dennis, John, Bridget, Ellen).    There is no record where they are buried.  State Street cemetery was the active cemetery then…but no records of any of them.  I have been searching for death and burial records for Dennis, Bridget, Ellen and John.   None exist in the Holy Family church records. And neither evidently had a headstone……maybe it was not a universal custom then. Interesting is that in St Joseph’s in the Sullivan plot, no one t here has a headstone either.   Then finally Charles Sullivan had a military headstone.

When Dennis McCarthy died in 1888, Maria Sullivan and John McCarthy together bought the large plot in St Josephs and burials happened there from then on.



Bridget                              1857                    Auburn City Directory  128 Seymour S2. Head of Household

Bridget                              1860                    Auburn City Directory 128 Seymour St  Widow of Dennis, Head of Household





Auburn City Directory 26 Vananden St