Comments, Questions and Observations


  • Michael C Sullivan family residence:
    • initially at 3 Cross St.   moved sometime after 1906 to :
    • 16 Ross Place….
    • and later moved around the corner to 192 Woodlawn Ave (between 1911 and 1914).
  • Dennis Sullivan (brother of Michael) moved from Auburn in 1860 to Flushing, Long Island
  • Michael’s brother Dennis was referred to as Dennis O’Sullivan.
  • Ann and Maria Sullivan  (Sisters of Michael) were never married
  • Marie Sullivan lived at 141 Van Anden St.
  • The 3rd grade Josephine in 1895 must be a different family. 
  • There were 2 Mrs. Sullivans teaching elementary school in Auburn…up to 1959….the wives of Charles and Dennis.
  • Michael Charles Sullivan was in 1892 appointed the position of Engineer and Superintendent of heating apparatus at the Woman’s Prison in Auburn. He held a similar position at the State Insane Asylum some years before.  (Not surprisingly, Auburn had many insane prisoners, who were often flogged as troublemakers or malingerers. Utica State Hospital was built in the 1830's, but was reluctant to accept prisoners from Auburn, who could be dangerous and difficult to hold in custody. The Legislature then authorized a separate institution and the "State Lunatic Asylum for Insane Convicts," the first institution of its kind in the United States, was erected on the prison grounds in 1859. By the 1880's, the Asylum was overcrowded with insane convicts as well as those not convicted by reason of insanity, both male and female. To resolve the problem, Matteawan State Hospital in Beacon was built in 1892, allowing the Auburn Asylum to close. The 250 newly freed beds were used for a women's prison...)
  • Dennis Sullivan, ESQ.  (the older) in Flushing, NY was Overseer of the Poor and Superintendent of the gas works.