Kay Sullivan


Kay 3/16/1946   Attends 8th birthday party of Lucille Talbot 
Kay 8/17/1946   Playground tot-lot makes orange lantern 
Kay 8/29/1947   St. Marys girl scout hike 
Kay 9/4/1948   St Maries Girl scouts at camp 
Kay 9/15/1948   Playground playing on swings 
Kay 2/12/1949   Kid Kwizery program at Cayuga Post 
Kay 7/9/1949   Playground star jacks player 
Kay 7/16/1949   Playground Doll show judge 
Kay 7/28/1949   Playground girls jacks team 
Kay 8/19/1949   Playground award 
Kay 7/15/1950   Playground news outstanding swimmer 
Kay 7/29/1950   Platground news  swimming at Owasco lake 
Kay 8/12/1950   Playground news going to camp 
Kay 11/6/1950   Singer Sewing Machine Style shoe PHOTO 
Kay 2/21/1951   Girl scouts Thinking Day 
Kay 4/18/1951   St Alphonsus drom corps PHOTO 
Kay 4/28/1951   St Alphonsus Majorettes show PHOTO 
Kay 4/25/1952   St. Alphonsus minstrel show PHOTO 
Kay 6/14/1952   Playgraound volleyball 
Kay 5/27/1953   St Alphonsus May dance chairman 
Kay 12/18/1953   St Alphonsus basketball 
Kay 1/23/1954   St Alphonsus basketball 
Kay 2/10/1954   Stage crew for class play 
Kay 2/19/1954   St Alphonsus basketball team 
Kay 3/2/1954   Majorette for All High band concert 
Kay 5/7/1954   Camp Columbus angel choir 
Kay 7/26/1954   Baby sitters for parish home 
Kay 12/4/1954   Hi Y conference in Albany 
Kay 2/16/1955   East Hi Mardi Gras dance refreshment committee 
Kay 4/13/1955   Hi Y delegate to meet in France 
Kay 5/10/1955   Baton twirling exhibit at minstrel show 
Kay 5/17/1955   State school music assoc contest baton twirler 
Kay 12/8/1955   Hi Y delegate to Albany 
Kay 4/13/1956   staff for playground softball program 
Kay 4/19/1956   Baton twirling in Key Club contest 
Kay 5/26/1956   Baton twirling at East High concert 
Kay 3/13/1957   Joins Alpha Phi sorority at Cornell 
Kay 5/2/1958   Elected secretary of Jr. class at Cornell 
Kay 5/2/1958   secretary of Jr class Cornell 
Kay 6/15/1960   Receives degree at Cornell PHOTO 
Kay 5/5/1963   Gives Luncheon for Mary DeLouise wedding 
Kay 4/18/1968   engagement announcement 
Kay 8/8/1970   Announcement for birth of Beth