Marianne Sullivan

Beth, Marianne, Stella 7/14/1939   Girlscout swimming Stella Mryglot assisting 
Marianne 2/21/1947   St. Alphonsus Basketball 
Marianne 3/20/1947   Highest in City Foul Shooting contest 
Marianne 4/19/1948   Scout CHorus 
Marianne 6/25/1948   Appointed Playground Director 
Marianne 8/4/1948   Can Can girl at East High Stadium  PHOTO 
Marianne 11/18/1948   East High Play 
Marianne 3/16/1949   East High Play 
Marianne 4/20/1949   Sorority dance committee 
Marianne 4/30/1949   Drum Majorette and French Chorus at St. Alphonsus Minstrel Show 
Marianne 5/3/1949   Drum Majorette at St. Alphonsus minstrel show 
Marianne 5/14/1949   Cast of East High School Play 
Marianne 5/19/1949   East High Senior class play PHOTO 
Marianne 6/24/1949   Appointed Playground Director 
Marianne 6/29/1949   Capitol Street Playground Director 
Marianne 9/12/1949   Leaves for college in Buffalo 
Marianne 7/27/1950   Playground director for Girl's Play Day 
Marianne 11/20/1950   Pledges Delta Sigma Epsilon at Buffalo State 
Marianne 8/4/1951   City Playground Supervisors PHOTO 
Marianne 4/12/1952   Spends Easter Holiday with parents 
Marianne 6/2/1952   Capitol Playground director 
Marianne 6/27/1952   Official for Capitol Playground
Marianne 9/16/1952   Returns to Buffalo State for senior year 
Marianne 6/20/1953   Bridesmaid At wedding of Joan Wilson and Bill Walsh PHOTO 
Marianne 9/15/1953   New teacher from Buffalo 
Marianne 10/11/1954   Class Advisor at Weedsport Central 
Marianne 11/20/1954   Catholic Action Bazaar 
Marianne 10/15/1955   At wedding for Grace Herron 
Marianne 7/2/1962   Sails on SS United States for Europe 
Beth, Marianne 11/21/1973   Sell 3 Chestnot for $12,500