Mary Galen/Geneva/Genevieve Sullivan Eglee

(Daughter of Dennis in Flushing, NY

wife of Edward Eugene Eglee)

June 1866 – 1953  87 yrs

·       Married Edward Eglee in June 1887.  Eglee forms partnership with Dennis Sullivan… : The E. Eugene Eglee and Co….contracting and construction…public works.

·       1900 census: Living in Manhattan with Edward and Percy and a Maid.

·       Family moved to Colorado 1902.  Edward manages Boston Coal…becomes largest and most successful mine in western Colorado. Employs over 300 people. Certainly a wealthy, prominent and influential person in this community.

·       Family returns to Flushing March 1907.   Edward remains popular with Colorado mining business

·       Edward dies 6/29/1907

·       1910. Mary and Percy living in Boulder, Colorado.